The studio was established in 1989 to offer a full range of textile conservation services. We are able to undertake the treatment of all types of textile objects damaged by time, accident, poor storage or display conditions. This includes tapestries, embroideries, upholstery, costume, flags, banners, ethnographic and archaeological textiles.

The Studio is lead by Alison Lister, a fully accredited Textile Conservator with over 15 years expeience of professional practice. The majority of conservation work is based on the hand stitching of textiles on to appropriate supporting fabrics after cleaning. In 2008 TCL moved to a new, larger (1000sq_ft) customised studio in St Werburghs, Bristol. Since then we have added another 700sq_ft. This facility is fully equipped to deal with the conservation of fragile textiles of all sizes from small samplers to large tapestries (6m tapestry frames x 3, 7m x 4.5m (height) boom-hoist. TCL also has the capacity for safe wet cleaning and small-scale dry cleaning of textiles on site and associates who deal with large scale wet/dry cleaning. All projects are thoroughly recorded with written and photographic documentation.

We are also able to prepare new and old textiles for display, pack textiles for safe storage or transportation, provide full documentation and condition reports, survey collections and give advice on storage and display, monitor storage and display conditions, and provide advice on emergency salvage.

Textiles can be examined by appointment at our studio free of charge or on site, when a fee will be payable. We will then prepare a report assessing the condition, recommending appropriate treatments and giving an estimate for conservation work.

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